Abstract Submission Guidelines

Oral communication and poster abstracts related to one of the conference's sessions are welcome for submission!

Session I: Biological effect of nanoparticles combined with photon or particle therapy
Session II: Elementary mechanisms and nanodosimetry
Session III: Nanomaterials for radiation-based cancer therapies
Session IV: Simulations of radiation effects
Session V: Medical and industrial perspectives

Submission of abstract is only possible through the conference's website / "Abstract Submission" section.

On the "Abstract Submission" page:

1/ You will be first asked to create an account on Sciencesconf.org. In case you already have one, you will be able to login.

2/ Type or copy/paste your abstract in the reserved field (English language required). The length of the abstract is limited to 300 words. Tables and figures cannot be included.

3/ Other fields required in the submission form:


  1. Title
  2. Type (oral communication / poster)
  3. Topic (see list on the website)
  4. Keywords (up to five)


  1. Add a new author (+)
  2. Add a new affiliation...


This tab allows you to preview your submission before submitting.

Please note that upon reviewing, the scientific committee may propose a modification of your communication type and/or session.


Modifying your abstract

It is possible to modify your abstract up to the submission deadline. This includes:

       -  Modification of metadata

       -  Form: submission of a new version will overwrite the previous one


Should you have any additional questions regarding abstract submissions, please contact argent.itn@u-psud.fr .

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